To encourage continued preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of antique vehicles in keeping
with the purpose of the Antique Automobile Club of America. The award will be presented in honor
of Madeline and Tom Belleau each calendar year for the most improved vehicle within the club's

This annual award will be presented at the October meeting in 2005 and is open to any vehicle in
good standing that meets the criteria set forth below.
Any highway motorized vehicle (including race type vehicles) 25 years or older and owned by a
member(s) of the Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska is eligible provided it has been displayed at
least once at a scheduled club activity (e.g. show, parade, rally, tour) within the calendar year prior
to presentation.

Written nominations from the owner or any other member in good standing must be submitted no
later than December 31 of each calendar year. Written and photo documentation are encouraged.

This award will be presented annually at the October meeting.

A judging committee consisting of a panel of at least three but not more than five members in good
standing shall be appointed not later than the January meeting each calendar year. Vehicles
owned by judging committee members are eligible for consideration for the award; however, these
committee members must refrain from participating in the discussion or voting on that vehicle.
That member will be replaced by another member in good standing from among volunteers called
for by the president. In case of a vacancy among judges, a replacement will be selected at the next
AAMA meeting in the same manner as the original appointment. A joint or family membership may
have only one family member serving on the judging committee.

Judging shall be based on each judge's overall impression (not necessarily technical expertise) of
improvements to a vehicle's appearance, both interior and exterior, and its mechanical operation
and performance, including but not limited to electrically-operated features or accessories. Judges
shall consider a member's "hands on" experience in restoring the nominated vehicle.

Each judge will rank his or her top five vehicles, with the judge's first choice given five points, the
second choice four points, the third choice three points and the four choice two points and the fifth
choice one point. The judge's points will be tallied, and the vehicle with the most accumulated
points will be presented the "Madeline and Tom Belleau Most Improved Vehicle Award." In case of
a tie in points, the judging committee members may vote to break the tie. No vehicle may be
presented the award more than once.

The club will maintain a perpetual trophy for this purpose with the winner's name and vehicle
added annually. The winner will receive a small trophy that they may keep. A photo album, with up
to two facing pages of the winning vehicle and owner, will be kept with the perpetual trophy.
The Purpose:
Tom and Madeline Belleau Most Improved Vehicle Award
Sara Stoops for Gary Stoops and Friends
1936 Cadillac Series 60
Bruce Campbell
1915 Ford Model T Touring