Website/Webmaster Awards
Award of Distinction
Greg Lear
2001 - 2003
Scott Hulse
Greg Lear
Greg Lear
Donn Reese
Each year the AACA Internet Awards Committee evaluates over 200 region and chapter
websites to select those that will receive recognition at the National Awards Banquet.

  • Ease of use
  • Readability
  • Navigation
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Content
  • Interest
membership and recruitment objectives. Good promotion of events provides sufficient information to
facilitate participation.  Supports National AACA.  The site continues to be active and current.

Distinction - a very good to excellent site meeting all basic requirements.  Has considerable value to
the region/chapter and supports the membership and recruitment objectives by actively encouraging
participation. Supports the hobby in a broader perspective and offers features and services beyond
what is normally found in just a "bill-board" type of website. Site continues to be active and current.

Excellence - An outstanding site that is graphically appealing, navigates extremely well, is active and
does an outstanding job supporting the region/chapter and supports the membership and recruitment
objectives.  Offers outstanding reporting and promotion of activities, encourages participation, offers
features not normally found in "bill-board" style websites.  The site is always active and current and
makes you want to visit again and again.  Supportive of AACA's objectives and encourages
participation on a broader scale. It is an exemplary site that you would refer others to as an example of
"the best."

Master Webmaster and The Spark Plug Awards
These exclusive awards are given to webmasters of a region or chapter website for their contribution
to the general welfare and spirit of the AACA.
Websites may win one of the following awards:
Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska