Newsletter Awards
The AACA Publications Committee meets near the end of the year to select winners in four
categories: Award of Merit, Award of Distinction, Award of Excellence, and the highest award, the
Master Editor award. There may be multiple winners in each of the four categories.

Each issue of your newsletter is evaluated on its value to your region, effort, originality, interest, The
most heavily weighted criterion is your effort to serve the needs of your members.

The Publications Committee recognizes that small regions or chapters can't afford large expensive
publications filled with photographs; they take that into account, to assure that the smaller
publications have the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with the newsletters blessed with
larger budgets.

The point system is used to further evaluate newsletters already judged to be in the Excellent
category for the Master Editor award.
Newsletters may win one of the following awards:
Ann S. Eady Memorial Award
whose work as editor of the Southeastern Region AACA's award-winning Peachtree Parade
touched many individuals.

Judging for the Eady award is done by the National Publications Committee, and the winner is
  • Master Editor
  • Excellent
  • Distinction
Our own Tom Cresap was the 2000 recipient of the Ann S. Eady Award for
his work as Editor of the Tinkering Times.
Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska