AAMA Logo Apparel
There are two options for providing the embroidered AAMA logo onto clothing.  
They both have the logo ready, just bring in your jacket or order one from them.
Cindy Stark, 696-8475

Logo on your jacket or one you can order from her:

Hats with logo: $20.00, includes hat price.
Cindy's Sewing & Embroidery
Rayville TNT Sports embroidered the logo
at left, it measures 9 3/4" in the long axis.
The example shown shows the logo
embroidered onto red fabric with the
entire "patch" being attached to your
jacket using the logo border embroidery.

You may bring in a jacket or other apparel
of your choosing or order something from
their catalog.
Rayville TNT Sports
Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
726 E 15th Ave (907) 279-1466

On the south side of 15th Ave between
Gambell Street and Ingra Street.
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The images below are examples from Rayville's catalog for pricing reference.
embroidery = $120.00 total
  • Embroidery on apparel you bring in = $65.00
  • Other priced apparel in their catalog = $65.00 embroidery plus the
    cost of the article you choose.
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